You've been chosen

Greetings Nu Upsilon incoming members!
The GCU Nursing Honor Society has chosen you as the best of the best!

A message from your Dean, Dr. Lisa Smith
GCU Dean of Nursing, CONHCP 

Congratulations !

Because of your academic success and dedication, the GCU School of Nursing invites you to become a member of our Sigma Nursing Honor Society, one of the largest and most prestigious nursing organizations in the world!  This membership is only extended to students who meet high academic and professional standards, and the benefits are many.   

GCU has such an impressive Nursing Program that a few thousand students, all the way from BSN to the DNP program, meet the honor society requirements each year.  With these numbers, we are hoping to be able to answer as many questions as we can through this page. 

 By accepting this honor to become a member of the Nursing Honor Society, you will be able to...

  • Wear HONOR CORDS at your graduation Honor Cord information below
  • Include this high honor on your RESUME or CV to stand out with employers as one of the top nursing students in the country
  • Receive BENEFITS and RESOURCES Scholarships, mentoring, free continuing nursing education, research grants, and more to help you throughout your career. To learn more about being a member of Sigma, visit


Next steps...

1.     Invitation ... You will receive an invitation directly from Sigma Theta Tau by email with information on becoming a member and its benefits.  To ensure that your invitation is delivered, please add to your address book, and check your junk folder if needed. 

  • Once you receive your invitation, activating your membership is easy. The online form will ask you to confirm your contact information and will collect a $110 induction/membership fee. (Please pay special attention to the name field, as this is exactly how your membership certificate will be printed.) More below on accepting membership based on induction attendance.
  • We hope you join to receive the honor and recognition you’ve worked so hard to earn. For some of you, this may be your second invitation because GCU once again named you as one of the best in your class.  The good news is you've already met all the criteria and now all you have to do is accept this honor and join Nu Upsilon.  All members accept the same invitation, regardless of attending an induction.  
  • If you are already a member of Sigma through our chapter or another, you would not receive an additional invitation from Sigma.  But we would be honored to have you become a member of both chapters with dual membership now or when you renew.  Since you are already a member of Sigma, you would not need to be officially inducted again.  But you are more than welcome to attend our induction to honor your achievements and learn what our chapter has to offer.  Many nurses consider it an honor to become members of the honor societies of the various institutions they attended. The easiest and quickest way to have dual membership: Call Sigma Member Services at (317) 634-8171. Since you have already paid your fees to Sigma, you would only have to add the chapter fee of $25.


2.     Induction ... We would love to have you take part in our in-person induction or our virtual online induction so we can WELCOME you to Nu Upsilon, and we encourage you to invite your family and friends to celebrate this honor.  Please note you do not need to attend an induction to become a member.  

  • Attending In-Person Induction? Accept membership through your invitation and make sure to add any guests to the registration so we can accommodate them.  Guest fees are $10 for adults and $5 for children.
  • Attending Virtual Online Induction? Accept membership through your invitation but DO NOT ADD GUESTS so that you will not be charged in-person guest fees.  Make sure to RSVP below and share this same RSVP link so your friends and family can RSVP also.  There is no guest fee for the virtual induction.
  • Cannot Attend an Induction? Accept membership through your invitation, do not add any guests and we will be posting the induction recording for you.  Again, you do not need to attend an induction to become a member.

Congratulations! And please note that attending an induction is ceremonial only and is not required for membership.  We would be honored to meet you and have you attend our on-campus ceremony or any of our virtual inductions.  Induction and registration information is on our homepage under calendar/events and on our induction webpage.  

Each year, Nu Upsilon hosts three virtual inductions (April, October and December), and two on-campus inductions (April or May, and October, depending on GCU graduation dates).

3.     Receive your Certificate of Membership  

Members receive the certificates within about 30 days of their induction date directly from Sigma. Sigma handles the memberships for the chapters, so if you have any questions, contact Sigma Member Services directly at (888)634-7575.  

We look forward to welcoming you to Nu Upsilon!


Graduation Apparel
If you would like to wear honor cords or a stole for your graduation, you may order using the links are provided below. 

Please know that cords and stoles are optional and are not provided by GCU or Nu Upsilon.
You may purchase directly from Sigma here:    Order Honor Cords     Order Stole