Induction Time!

Congratulations GCU students and nurse leaders.  Because of your success and dedication, the Nu Upsilon Chapter of the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International (Sigma) has invited you to become a member of one of the largest and most prestigious nursing organizations in the world!  Membership is more than an academic destination; it’s a rewarding connection with nurses at the local, regional, and international levels. Sigma will also help you help others, whether through professional development, career resources, or community involvement.

We will commemorate your membership through a special induction ceremony!     
Saturday, February 22  
12:00pm Eastern time    

As a member of the Nu Upsilon Chapter, you will enjoy a truly unique and rewarding experience....volunteering, scholarships, service projects, and much, much more.  We look forward to exciting times ahead.  The good news is you've already met all the criteria and now all you have to do is accept your invitation and join Nu Upsilon.

Nu Upsilon Year in a Nutshell ...

Thank you to everyone for your participation and service to Nu Upsilon, Sigma and our great nursing profession.  We would like to thank all our members who helped to make our GCU honor society such a success.

Our chapter has been re-energized and continues to look for new opportunities to put nursing’s touch on the world! With almost 3,000 members, our chapter has increased our active membership by almost five times, and greatly increased our exposure with FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram.  

Nu Upsilon has been working very hard to develop programs of interest to the membership, make offerings worth your dues and fulfill the Sigma mission to advance world health and celebrate nursing excellence.  Recent endeavors have led us to offering free CNE programs, networking opportunities, mentoring, family fun events, opportunities to serve and much more!  We also established academic scholarships, research grants and research dissemination grants that are open to all members. 

Take a look at a welcome from our Dean of Nursing and our President and all Nu Upsilon has a lot to offer...

As members of one of the largest and most prestigious nursing organizations in the world, we are embarking on a New Mission - Developing nurse leaders anywhere to improve healthcare everywhere; and a New Vision - Connected empowered nurse leaders transforming global healthcare. 

Nu Upsilon is on Social Media
We are excited to introduce our new FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram pages!

Thank you to everyone who LIKED and FOLLOWED us.  With your help, our FaceBook page reached over 1,000 and Twitter and Instagram is growing fast. Our social media goal is to share the personality of Nu Upsilon with inspiring and fun posts and to create a platform for members to form a relationship with our chapter and each other.  

Nu Upsilon Website is awarded "Website of the Month" from Sigma 
The response has been great for Nu Upsilon's "new look."  We hope all members will enjoy the updates and functionality and are honored to have received website of the month from Sigma for the month of September.

To receive website of the month, a chapter must have:
       ·  Content that is not just text, but music, sound, animation, or video – anything that communicates a site’s body of knowledge.
     ·  Visual design that is high quality, appropriate, and relevant for the audience, with a message that supports and communicates an engaging visual experience.
       ·  Navigation that gets you where you want to go quickly and offers easy access to the breadth and depth of the site’s content.

Exciting Times Ahead

Having recently celebrated our 25th Anniversary, the future of Nu Upsilon is bright and promising.  We have partnered with GCU with the goal of becoming the largest and most member-oriented chapter in Sigma.

We would love to have you stay with us and take advantage of Nu Upsilon's volunteer opportunities, scholarships, service projects, and much, much more.  We look forward to exciting times ahead.

We would like to thank all the friends, family and faculty who have supported us throughout the years.  We are honored by your membership, success and dedication.  You made it possible to become the honor society we are now!  


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Welcome to your Nu Upsilon chapter website!

Greetings from your Nu Upsilon President!
Welcome to the chapter if you are a new member and welcome to all current members!   Three primary future goals for our chapter include: 
  1. Become the largest member-focused Sigma chapter to allow significant opportunities for individual professional growth for our members.
  2. Develop and utilize methods and innovative technology to ensure benefits for members outside the greater Phoenix area.
  3. Increase Nu Upsilon service projects to benefit your communities including those across the nation.

The Nu Upsilon Chapter Honor Society of Nursing is located at Grand Canyon University and has almost 3,000 active members around the world.  Within the last year, our chapter has increased our active members by almost five times, and greatly increased our exposure with FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Be sure to check out the awesome photo albums!  

Some chapter initiatives include:

  • Infuse Joy!
  • Network with other members
  • Increase volunteers for committees
  • Recruit new members
  • Share accomplishments

Watch for opportunities for volunteering, scholarships, service projects, and much, much more.  Please contact me at president@nuupsilon.com if you would like to volunteer on a committee. You do not have to be local. 

Thanks to everyone for your participation and service to Nu Upsilon, Sigma, & our great nursing profession.  We look forward to exciting times ahead.

Blessings, breathe, & believe!

Dr. Love
Pamela Love, PhD,MSN,RN,CNE

We are honored to be the Sigma Theta Tau Nursing Honor Society for Grand Canyon University.


Take a look at all Nu Upsilon has a lot to offer and a welcome from our Dean of Nursing and our President...

Please know that cords and stoles are optional and are not provided by GCU or Nu Upsilon.  You may purchase directly from Sigma here:   Order Honor Cords    Order Stole 

Chapter News

  • Recruit Nurse Leaders and share the joy!!!

    Nurse Leaders can join Sigma at any time!

    You don't have to wait until your next induction ceremony to accept nurse leaders into your chapter! Nurse Leader candidates are excited about Sigma and eager to join your chapter. They can be inducted right away in the Online Induction System, without planning for a larger ceremony. You can always invite this person to be recognized at your chapter's formal ceremony later, but don't run the risk of losing their interest while they wait to receive benefits. Also, don't forget that graduate students who meet the nurse leader criteria can be inducted at any time during their program.

    Click on the "Membership" tab at the top of the chapter website for info.

  • Check out our Career Center

    ​Are you looking for a mentor? Or maybe you would like to share your knowledge with a new graduate or Sigma member? Check out the "Career Center" tab on the top of the chapter website for lots of resources and information.
  • Watch for upcoming call for nominations!

    Nu Upsilon Elections are approaching….. details to follow.  Stay tuned.

Upcoming Events

International Events

Congratulations Fall Scholarship Recipients