Board of Directors Election

Get involved with Nu Upsilon through Leadership and Service!


Nu Upsilon members are invited to participate in this year's Board of Directors Election.
We encourage you to help make a difference in the future of your Nu Upsilon Chapter.

  • The term for elected positions will be May 1 to April 30 unless otherwise indicated. 
  • Each newly elected member representative will be eligible to run for a second term. Nominees must be active Nu Upsilon members. 
  • Nominees should have administrative and fiscal capabilities. 
  • Nominees must agree to fulfill the responsibilities of the elected position as designated by the chapter bylaws and the policies and procedures. 
  • Nominees should have qualities of sound character and values representative of Sigma and Grand Canyon University’s vision and mission. 

Please feel free to contact our Administrative Coordinator at welcome@nuupsilon.com with any questions. Thank you for your participation in this important process as it is an essential part of our identity and operations. Below you will find descriptions for all Board of Directors positions and the roles and responsibilities.

Sigma Nu Upsilon Leadership Succession Committee  

Position descriptions for the Sigma Nu Upsilon Chapter Ballot

President: (2-year term)

  • Act as the executive officer and administrator of all business of the chapter as stated in the bylaws:
    • Participation in the biennial convention House of Delegates and other business brought forth before the House of Delegates during the term.
    • All reports are submitted to headquarters in a timely manner. Reports include: chapter annual report, bylaws submission form, verification of fees report (when applicable) and the chapter officer/committee chair report.
  • Serve as chief representative of the chapter:
    • In inter-chapter activities at the regional level.
    • Strengthen and maintain relationships with the head of chapter institutions of higher education and practice settings through regular communications and meetings.
    • Advocate for the chapter with major service agencies in the community to publicize the importance of and demonstrate value of membership and gain additional community advocates.
  • Lead the chapter board of directors and leadership:
    • Delegate responsibilities not otherwise handled by the chapter bylaws to the chapter officers, committees, task forces, and advisory councils.
    • Finalize the appointments, recommended by the Board of Directors, for all committees, advisory councils or task forces.
    • Prepare a calendar and agenda for all Board of Directors and annual business meetings with assistance, as needed, from the secretary.
    • Plan, arrange, and facilitate an orientation meeting for all newly installed chapter leaders. The purpose is to facilitate the transfer of duties and responsibilities and to formulate the strategic plan of the chapter for the coming year.
    • Serves as an ex-officio member of all committees except the Leadership Succession Committee,
    • Develop and maintain policies and procedures related to the position of president. Submit modifications or new policies and procedures to the Board of Directors for approval. 
  •  Ensure members receive benefits and chapter transparency:
    • Ensure at least one business meeting and at least two programs or events that support the purposes and goals of the honor society are held during each fiscal year.
    • Communicate the business, projects and activities of the Board of Directors to the membership. 

Vice President: (2-year term) 

  • The Vice President shall perform the duties of the president in the president's absence. 
  • The Vice President will oversee Member Engagement efforts and will coordinate volunteer efforts.  The VP will work with member volunteers for placement in chapter activities to encourage membership engagement.  
  • Will serve as chair of the Committee Planning Committee. 


Secretary: (2-year term) 

  • Record and write the minutes for each Board of Directors and business meeting.
  • Distribute minutes to all members of the Board of Directors.
  • Keep an official record book of the minutes of all Board of Directors and business meetings to present to the succeeding secretary.
  • Prepare an annual report to the chapter membership.
  • Submit the list of new officers to headquarters within two weeks of officer elections and provide headquarters with updates as they occur.
  • Order all stationery, forms and mailing labels for the chapter.
  • Type and mail chapter correspondence.
  • Send membership invitations to all elected candidates, in cooperation with the Governance Committee.
  • Serve on committees as needed.

Treasurer: (2-year term) 

  • Be custodian of the funds. 
  • Present a current financial report to the Board of Directors at each meeting. 
  • Prepare and submit an annual budget to the Board of Directors with an appropriate committee advisory. 
  • Prepare and submit the Annual Chapter Financial Report. 
  • Work with the accountant on the  audit (when conducted). 
  • Obtain and complete necessary tax forms for the Internal Revenue Service. 
  • Oversee the reimbursement process for all officer and member approved expenses. 
  • Serve as chair of the finance committee. 

    Chapter Director: (2-year term)

    • Serve on the chapter’s board of directors: 
      • Prepare an annual report to the chapter membership regarding the director’s responsibilities and activities. 
      • Develop and maintain policies and procedures related to the position of director. Submit modifications or new policies and procedures to the board of directors for approval. 
    • Fulfill other duties as assigned by chapter:  
      • Serve on committees, task forces, or advisory councils as needed. 
      • Support chapter initiatives as determined by the board.  

      Counselor: (2-year term)

      • Assists the Governance Chair to complete the bylaw amendment process by considering, reviewing, editing and/or correlating such amendments as may be referred to the Governance Committee. 
      • Serves on the Governance Committee.  
      • Serves as the Eligibility Chair and is responsible for the eligibility process.  
      • Works with the Administrative Coordinator, GCU College of Nursing and any campus leaders to complete the eligibility process
      • Coordinate activities of inducting eligible students and community members.  
      • Communicates with campuses annually to determine needs and feedback related to the chapter. 

        Leadership Succession Committee: (2-year term)

        • Develops members in organizational leadership roles across the span of their careers. 
        • Orient members to assume positions at all levels of the organization. 
        • Oversee the selection of well-qualified members who can provide the necessary leadership to achieve chapter goals and to meet the needs of members. 
        • Oversee the preparation, distribution and tallying of election ballots. 
        • If the Leadership Succession Chair/Committee member would like to run for a Board position in an election year in which they are serving, they must resign prior to the election beginning.  
        • A Leadership Succession chair is appointed by the President with consensus of Board of Directors after LSC members are elected
          • LSC Chair is a member of the Board of Directors and will attend monthly Board meetings.
          • LSC Chair will notify all candidates (elected and non-elected) of the election results.
          • LSC Chair will hold committee meetings as necessary.

        Governance Committee: (2-year term)  

        • Submit the chapter's bylaws to headquarters in accordance with the established policy. 
        • Reviews nurse leader applications for membership and submits decisions to accept or deny membership.  
        • A Governance chair is appointed by the President with consensus of Board of Directors after Governance Committee Members are elected
          • Governance Chair is a member of the Board of Directors and will attend monthly Board meetings.
          • Governance Chair will oversee eligibility with the Counselor.
          • Governance Chair will hold committee meetings as necessary.