Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations Nu Upsilon Academic Scholarship Recipients!


Nano Akoto

I was privileged to be invited to join the Sigma Nu Upsilon Chapter, a highly respected nursing honor society. I am MSN- informatics student at GCU. I also have a degree in Public Health and have worked in diverse areas in the healthcare system. My nursing journey started in Ghana until l moved to the United States and have to go through a tedious process to be made eligible to take NCLEX. 

Working in the ICU currently and being an MSN student has been a challenge especially this unprecedented season but with perseverance and God being my pillar l have maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout my classes. Nu Upsilon chapter has been a great family and I am excited to connect with others who share a similar passion.  I am honored and delighted to receive a scholarship award from this great Chapter. I am thankful for the GCU MSN program as it continues to inspire and help me achieve my dreams to help those in need. Once again thank you Sigma Nu Upsilon Chapter for the Scholarship award. I will continue to discharge my duties diligently to serve my patients, families, and the community with dignity. 


April Clark

I am humbled and honored to receive a scholarship award from Nu Upsilon Chapter!  After graduating with my MSN, FNP-BC in 1997 I had always considered pursuing the doctoral journey.  Twenty-two years flew by and I finally said it's time.  Now I find myself half-way through the DNP program at GCU and realize that the impact of this knowledge, combined with my years of clinical experience, will be monumental to further the nursing profession.  It is through scientific underpinnings and leadership skills that will bring my service to others, including staff, patients, and students, to a higher level.

I gained valuable experience after graduating from Kent State University with my BSN working at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in hematology/oncology.  After 6 years, I pursued my MSN at East Tennessee University.  As an FNP, I have worked in pediatrics, women's health, and family practice.  I also supplemented, as time allowed, at urgent care centers and ERs.  I am currently working in a family practice/retail health setting in the Denver, Colorado area as a clinic manager and provider.  I am excited to follow God's leading in the next chapter of my career following doctoral graduation and have told Him where you lead, I will follow.  As nurses we are servants.  The need is great.  He uses and equips us if we are willing.  I am grateful and honored.